California Mountaineering Club

Trip Cancellation Policy

A trip or any other sponsored activity listed in the CMC Newsletter is considered to be a canceled trip and no longer sponsored by the Club under the following conditions:The Leader/Organizer cancels the trip due to lack of participants, weather conditions, or any other reason.

  1. The trip objectives, climbing routes, or starting road head are changed prior to the departure for the road head.   This provision is established because the Club’s approval of a trip is predicated on publication in the CMC Newsletter.   Trips that differ from the printed write-up have not been approved.   The only exceptions are changes made by the Leader/Organizer after leaving the scheduled road head, when these changes are made to respond to weather, climbing, or safety conditions en route.   Under no conditions may a more difficult route than the one in the printed write-up be selected.
  2. Trips rescheduled prior to departure from the road head, due to weather, that maintain the entry point (road head), goals, and objectives of the original trip continue to be CMC sponsored trips.
  3. The participation of non-CMC members, other than approved guests, automatically cancels a trip.
  4. Canceled trips cannot be reinstated under any conditions .
  5. Once a trip is canceled, it is the Leader/Organizer’s responsibility to advise the participants that the trip is now a private trip and is not connected with the California Mountaineering Club in any manner.

Your cooperation as Leader/Organizer in observing the above conditions is required

Revised: September 2, 2004

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Page Created: January 13, 2005