Mount Shuksan
July 2009
By: Joe White

CMC Members John Grisbach, Ben Pitzer, Augie Medina, Brian Beach, Ron Norton, and Joe White climbed Mount Shuksan (9,127’) in the North Cascades.  This was our third and final peak on a weeklong CMC trip to Washington State in July 2009. 

Photographs by Joe White.  

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Ben P., John G., and Brian B. on the trail.JPG Ben P., John G., Brian B., Augie M., Joe W. on the summit 7-16-09.JPG Camp.JPG Crevasse field below the summit.JPG Early morning start.JPG
Final approach to camp.JPG In the parking lot.JPG Joe W..JPG Mt. Baker to the West.JPG On the rock below the summit.JPG
Our first look at the summit.JPG Ron N..JPG Sunrise.JPG Taking lunch.JPG The Cascades.JPG
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