West Ridge Mt. Conness

August 2008

CMC members Paul Morash and Ron Norton climbed the west ridge of Mt. Conness as a day hike on Aug.17, 2008.  

This climb is found in Peter Croft's the Good, the Great the Awesome book and if I'm not mistaken it gets an Awesome rating by Sir Peter.  It's rated 5.6 which seems petty accurate.  Typically getting on the route "proper" is always a challenge, I think we fringed on some 5.7 moves and saw a party next to us working a section of run out 5.8+ so the old Boy Scout motto prevails, "go prepared"!

This was a truly incredible climb!  Long approach, almost 5hrs to the base of the route and then a LOT of fun moderate to easy climbing between there and the top so get a good nights sleep and be in good health!  We belayed the first 3 or 4 pitches and then simul climbed from there unroping for the last pitch or two.


At the trailhead ready to go, that's AM in case you can't make out the tiny A in the top left!   This is the view as you leave the trail and head cross country towards to the peak.   Ron looking back at the sunrise over the terrain we just covered.
Ridge leading to the bench just below the summit.   The view of the summit as you top out onto the bench.  Yep, you walk right past the summit and then down to get to the start of this route.   Photo from the same spot looking the other way into Yosemite.  Half Dome is visible in the top right.
The West Ridge is the skyline, the Warren Harding route is the notable route on this face   Getting under way.  We may have arguably started to the right of the true west ridge route   Looking up with the sun on the wall now
Ron approaching the 2nd belay.  Gaining some elevation again as the views are starting to take shape   Looking back towards the 3rd belay, feeling like a kid in a candy store about this time!   A little higher, probably simul climbing at this point,  loving life!
Looking towards North Peak from the summit of Conness.   Same photo spot many hours later!  Heading out.    
All photos by Paul Morash and Ron Norton

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