White Mountain Ski Trip
April 2010
By: Joe White

CMC Members Ron Norton, Bill Stevens and Joe White make an attempt at skiing 52 roundtrip miles to the summit of White Mountain (14,246’).  This was something Ron and I had talked about for several years, and the conditions in April 2010 seemed to be right.  We followed the weather for several weeks, and with a four day weather window, we decided to go for it.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and turned back on day three, 7 miles from the summit.  Photographs by Joe White.  

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A view of the Palisades.JPG At Silver Canyon cutoff.JPG Barcroft Facility snow cat.JPG Bill S. and Ron N..JPG Bristlecone Pines.JPG
Cold beer at the car.JPG Endless snow.JPG Getting ready to go.JPG Joe W. in camp 1.JPG Joe W..JPG
Road sign.JPG Ron N. and Bill S. (2).JPG Ron N. and Bill S. taking a break.JPG Ron N. and Bill S..JPG Sunrise at camp 2.JPG
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