Denali via the West Buttress Route

June 2001

By: Joe White

A Photographic Essay of the climb of Denali in June 2001. Please click on the photographs to see an enlarged image.
All photographs are copyright 2001 by Joe White.


The West Buttress Route, each "X" marks our campsites.   From left to right, Nile Sorenson, Maria Roa, Joe White and Matthew Richardson waiting to board our flight to Alaska.   NPS Ranger Station in Talkeetna, mandatory check in before the climb for two hour presentation and lecture.
Loading our gear onto the shuttle aircraft in Talkeetna, this will take us to the Kahiltna Glacier base camp at 7,200 feet.   Our first view of Denali, from the aircraft, as we rise above the trees in Talkeetna.   A closer view of Denali from the plane with blowing snow off the summit.
Final approach into Kahiltna Glacier base camp.   Unloading 130+ pounds of gear each at Kahiltna base camp.   Base camp manager/air traffic controller accommodations.
Roped up on the glacier and heading out with the sleds.   Camp 1 on the Kahiltna Clacier.   Traveling on the upper Kahiltna Glacier.
Carrying food and gear to 13,500 in stormy weather   On top of Motorcycle Hill looking down on 11,000 camp.   Looking up the route from 14,200 camp.
Carry day with a view of 14,200 camp in the background.   Looking at the upper mountain from 14,200 camp on a stromy day.   Ascending the fixed lines near 16,000 feet.
Looking down on 14,200 camp with the lower Kahiltna Glacier in the background.   Wands mark our food cache at 16,200 feet.   On the ridge heading up to 17,200 camp.
Looking down the ridge just below 17,200 camp.   17,200 camp with Denali Pass (18,200) in the background   Summit day, near Denali Pass, looking down on 17,200 camp.
Looking at the summit and the final summit ridge.   Looking down the final summit ridge from the summit.   On the summit of Denali.
Group shot on the summit, June 17, 2001, at 5:20 pm.   Descending on the Kahiltna Glcier headed to base camp and a flight out.   Back in Talkeetna, June 19, 2001, eating real food before flying home on June 21, 2001.

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