2018 Outings

February 17th - 19th                           Saturday - Sunday                            President’s Day Weekend Peak Bagging in Zion
Zion has tons of peaks of varying difficulty. We’ll spend the long weekend avoiding the crowds by heading into the backcountry to ascend some of the more interesting and scenic ones. Anything we do will be done as a day trip. Which peaks we attempt will depend on the interest and ability of the participants. This trip is open to members of all abilities, but it will likely involve a fair amount of hiking as well as climbing the peaks, so participants should be in shape for modestly strenuous activity.
I have listed this trip as being Saturday through Monday, but if anyone would like to avoid some of the holiday traffic, I’ll be around both before and after the listed dates.
If interested contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02@yahoo.com

March 24th                             Saturday                                CMC/DPS joint trip -  Saddle Peak Hills High Point(s)
The high point (HP) of the Saddle Peak Hills has two summits of about the same height (2550+ ft). So we’ll visit both!  With over 1000 feet of prominence, the Saddle Peak Hills HP dominates the area around Ibex Pass. From Ibex Pass on Hwy 127, we’ll drive a few miles south on both paved and dirt road to a parking spot north of the peak. Anticipate 4-5 miles r/t and 1600' gain over cross-country desert terrain. This climb will finish early enough if you plan to attend the Desert Peak Section chili cook-off at Tecopa Hot Springs later in the afternoon.  Contact Daryn Dodge at daryn.dodge@oehha.ca.gov for more details.
LEADER/ORGANIZER: Daryn Dodge and Kathy Rich

April 7th                                  Saturday                    Galena Peak (9,330’)
Galena Peak (9,330) is a fun local (snow?) climb near San Gorgonio Mountain in the San Bernardino National Forest.  This is a great pre-sierra season warm-up climb, 6+ total miles with 3,200 feet of gain.  This is a predominantly (class 1-2) cross-country route with little or no trail being used.  Ice axe and crampons may be required.  If interested, please email Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com.

March 30th - April 1st                             Friday – Sunday                     Mount Shasta - Ski Mountaineering

April 27th - April 29th                             Friday – Sunday                     Mount Shasta - Ski Mountaineering
Looking for some mountaineers that also backcountry ski or snowboard, and would be interested in an outing on Mount Shasta this year near a full moon.  The tentative plan is to ascend to the top of Giddy Giddy Gulch on Friday to make camp.  Saturday would be an ascent of either Casaval Ridge or the West Face Gully, and followed by a ski/board descent of Avalanche Gulch back to camp.  Depending upon the time of day we may break camp and ski/board all the way back to Bunny Flat on Saturday.  Minimum gear will be ice axes, crampons, avalanche gear, and AT skis/splitboards.  Actual trip dates will depend on weather and interest.  Send an email with experience/conditioning to jakecattleco@yahoo.com.

May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!)                   Saturday                       Anderson Peak (10,840’)
Join me for a fun Cinco de Mayo (chips/salsa?) day hike in the San Gorgonio Wilderness.  This will be another cross-country pre-sierra season (with some snow?) warm-up hike, 8+ total miles, and 4,040’ of gain.  Meet at the Mill Creek Ranger Station, and carpool to the Forsee Creek Trailhead (6,800’) on the north side of the San Gorgonio Wilderness.  Our route will leave the trail after 1 mile and ascend/descend a rarely used (class 1) cross-country ridge route.  Ice axe and crampons may be required.  If interested, please email Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com.

June 8th - June 16th                       Friday - Saturday                               PCT Section Hike
This trip will provide an opportunity to check-off another section of the PCT in the beautiful, and less traveled Southern Sierra.  The trip will start at Walker Pass/Hwy 178 in the Southern Sierra and head north, ending at Cottonwood Pass/Horseshoe Meadows.  102 miles total! 

Not interested in doing 102 miles, but perhaps 50 miles?  Can’t take that much time off work?  This trip is perfect for you!   This section of the PCT passes through Kennedy Meadows at the 50 mile mark.  Consider joining me, or leaving at that point, if you need to cut it short. 

Rough itinerary: mail your re-supply box to Kennedy Meadows store four days prior to departure.  Re-supplying in Kennedy Meadows will allow us to travel with lighter pack loads.  Shuttle cars on Thursday (June 7th).  Day 1 ~ (June 8th) Walker pass to Joshua Spring = 12 miles.  Day 2 ~ 3 miles past Spanish Needle Creek = 9 miles.  Day 3 ~ Fox Mill Spring = 10 miles.  Day 4 ~ Manter Creek = 11 miles.  Day 5 ~ Kennedy Meadows Store (burger/beer and re-supply!) = 8 miles.  Day 6 ~ near Beck Meadows = 12 miles.  Day 7 ~ near seasonal creek (mile marker 728) = 14 miles.  Day 8 ~ Diaz Creek = 14 miles.  Day 9 ~ Cottonwood Pass/Horseshoe Meadows hike out and drive home = 12 miles. 

Send conditioning/experience and interest to Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com.

July 7th - 8th                            Saturday - Sunday                                        Bear Creek Spire
This outing’s main objective will be Bear Creek Spire, one of the CMC “Classic Climbs”.  The northeast buttress route (class 3-4) should be “an excellent scramble on solid granite, with spectacular views along the summit ridge”.  Saturday morning start at Mosquito Flat trailhead and set up camp at Treasure Lakes or Dade Lake.  Sunday climb and return to the cars.  Helmet, harness, belay device, ice axe and crampons may be required.  Group size is limited.  Send email with climbing resume/experience/conditioning to ronwebber33@gmail.com

July 27th – 29th                       Friday-Sunday                      Summer Friends/Family Membership Outing
 The annual CMC Summer Outing location will be in the Eastern Sierra, at the Whitney Portal Campground.  We have four campsites reserved for Friday and Saturday night.  Each site has space for 6 people and 2 vehicles, and additional parking is available in the hiker’s parking lot.   Join us for some climbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, site seeing or just hanging out in camp.  If you’re interested in a specific activity, please make arrangements with others on the trip roster.  Friends and family are welcome, but MUST be accompanied by a CMC member.    Please contact Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com , or Henry at harnebold@gmail.com for additional information. 
LEADERS/ORGANIZERS: Joe White and Henry Arnebold

August 9th - 12th                  Thursday - Sunday                 Arrow Peak and Mount Ruskin

Do you enjoy scrambling and stars?  If so join me for an August attempt on two California SPS Mountaineers Peaks. On Thursday we'll hike up and over Taboose Pass to Bench Lake, approximately 11.5 miles with 6K of gain.  Friday we'll ascend Arrow Peak, likely by the Northeast Spur.  Saturday we'll ascend Mount Ruskin by the Southwest slope, South Ridge, or East Ridge.  Sunday will be the hike out and drive home.  This trip will include Class 2-3+ scrambling.  Dates for the trip are during a new moon, so there should be plenty of star gazing.  Send an email with experience/conditioning to jakecattleco@yahoo.com

August 23rd- 26th          Thursday - Sunday           Norman Clyde & Disappointment Peak
Norman Clyde Peak (13,855’) and Disappointment Peak (13,917’) are two well-regarded and desirable Sierra summits.  Thursday backpack from Glacier Lodge to a campsite above Finger Lake, approximately 4000’ gain.  Friday climb Norman Clyde Peak via the North/Northeast Ridge (class 4).  Saturday climb Disappointment Peak via its Northeast couloir.  Sunday backpack out.  Helmet, harness, belay device, ice axe and crampons may be required.  Group size is limited.  Must be comfortable on exposed class 3 & 4 rock.  Send email with climbing resume/experience/conditioning toronwebber33@gmail.com

August 24th - 26th                             Friday - Sunday                            Mt Banner / Mt Ritter
The first day we will backpack to Ediza Lake where we will set up camp for two nights. The second day, we will climb the Ritter/Banner saddle. First we will climb the class 3 southern slopes of Mt Ritter. Afterwards, we would descend to the saddle and climb the north face of Mt Ritter on the same day! This is very prolonged and exposed class 3 route, so please only request to join if you are experienced and comfortable on such sections. We would descend the southeast glacier route. Sunday we will hike out. Helmets, crampons and ice axes will be required. Group size limited to permit availability. Contact Sean Casserly at casserly79@gmail.com with class 3 and up climbing experience if interested.

October 19th - 21st, 2018          Friday - Sunday         Badwater to Whitney Portal/Overnight Bike Ride
 It all started one day, when a group of us were sitting at the Meysan Lakes Trailhead. We had just come out from a successful climb of Irvine Peak, and were sipping some celebratory beers, when a group of cyclists struggled past us, on their way to Whitney Portal. Being the nice guys that we are, we gave them some sarcastic encouragement, basically gloating that we were all done, but they were not! Well, now some of us do a fair bit of cycling, and that looks to be one heck of a climb! So, here goes…
 I propose an overnight road bike ride from Badwater, Death Valley (elev -272’) to Whitney Portal (elev 8365’). Details are to be determined, but it would definitely be a two-day ride, overnighting in either Olancha or Lone Pine. (There is a 17-mile difference, the longer route going through Olancha. In either case, the total Vertical Gain exceeds 15,500’.) There would also be an option for the ultimate Lowest/Highest scenario, and hike/climb Mt Whitney the following day(s). It could be another two days, going up the Whitney Trail, or another 3-4 days, going up the Mountaineers’ Route.
 Mid-to-late October is probably the best time for cycling, temperature-wise anyways, though I don’t know about wind. At any rate, this is just a proposal to get a discussion going, and gauge the interest factor. A few of us have been discussing this for years now, so best to finally get it out there. (I think that a group of 6-8 would be ideal.)
 Total ride distance/gain by way of Lone Pine: 138 miles, and 15,440' gain.
Total ride distance/gain by way of Olancha: 155 miles, and 15,850' gain. 
If you have any interest/ideas, please contact Bob Oppermann (bobopp1@yahoo.com).