2019 Outings



February 16th – 18th                    Saturday – Monday                    President’s Day in Zion

No plans for President’s Day? Why not come out to Zion for a little adventure?
What will we do? Well, you tell me. Options include peak bagging, hiking, and canyoneering.
No particular experience is required and this trip is open to everyone. If you would like to do some canyoneering but don’t have the necessary gear, don’t worry. All gear can be rented, if needed, in Springdale, just outside Zion.
If interested contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02@yahoo.com

February 16th                         Saturday                   Glacier Travel/Snow Skills Practice

Join me for a fun day on the snow practicing glacier travel skills. We will practice snow anchors, “Z” and “C” crevasse rescue systems, roped team travel, and fixed line travel.  The practice day will be held on the north side of San Gorgonio Mountain, near the Southfork Trailhead.  If interested, email Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com

February 17th                          Sunday                       Winter Hike of San Gorgonio Mountain

After Joe White's Glacier Travel/Snow Skills Practice, we will take what we learned and put it to use. We will attempt snowshoeing to the top of the tallest peak in Southern California. We will probably take Vivian Creek Trail, although I am open to alternate suggestions. Snow levels will be much higher this year, so be prepared for early and deep snow. In addition to snowshoes, ice ax, crampons, trekking poles, gaiters and of course warm/dry gear will be needed. Be prepared for 16 mile round trip with 5,500 ft of gain. I am open to co-leading.  Email Sean for additional information at: casserly79@gmail.com

February 23rd – 24th Saturday – Sunday Eastern Sierra - Backcountry skiing

Join me for some backcountry skiing/boarding in the Mammoth area. There many options here within just a few miles of driving: various lines up Mammoth Crest, the Convict Lake area, Solitude Canyon and McGee Creek just to name a few. The actual itinerary will depend on snow/weather conditions as well as group experience level and consensus. In addition to winter backcountry travel essentials, necessary gear includes avalanche beacon, backcountry skis/split boards and ski or mountaineering crampons. Send an email with experience/conditioning to mailto:vladbazarsky@gmail.com.

February 23th – 24th                          Saturday - Sunday                       Joshua Tree

Join me for two days of rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park - I’ve reserved two family campsites for Saturday night in Black Rock Campground (only spots available and the max I could reserve).  Each site has space for 6 people and 2 vehicles.  Friends and family are welcome, but MUST be accompanied by a CMC member.  We’ll have a campfire on Saturday night, with an option to eat dinner at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant (Yucca Valley) Saturday night.  Parking will be limited on this trip, so carpooling is a must.  Email John for additional information at: jgrisbach@gmail.com

March 16th                              Saturday                                Galena Peak (9,330’)

Galena Peak (9,330) is in the San Bernardino National Forest southwest of San Gorgonio peak.    This is a great conditioning day hike/snow climb - 6 miles with 3,200 feet of gain.  Ice axe and crampons required.  If interested, email Joe at joewhite328@gmail.com.

May 10th - 12th                    Friday - Sunday                  Eastern Sierra Backcountry Turns

We are looking for some backcountry skiers or boarders who would be interested in joining us for some backcountry turns in the Eastern Sierra. Prefer day trips only, so our packs will be light and we can car camp with amenities. Conditions will determine the final location. Ideally targeting a single base camp location between Independence and Mammoth Lakes. Send an email to Chris ( jakecattleco@yahoo.com) or Joe ( joewhite328@gmail.com) if interested, with your experience and conditioning.
LEADERS/ORGANIZERS: Chris Jakober and Joe White

June 1st - June 2nd                  Saturday - Sunday                Red Slate Mtn North Couloir

Looking for a fun (hopefully), challenging and satisfying climb?  Join me for an ascent of the north couloir.  This route features about 1200 feet of 40-degree slope.  At this time of year, conditions may be firm snow with decent weather.  Saturday:  Meet at Convict Lake trailhead (7600’) at 6:30. Backpack in to Lake Constance (10,830’).  Sunday:  early start for the climb; descend the west side to camp and return to cars.  The usual requirements:  experience, conditioning, ice axe, crampons, personal harness and tie-in equipment.  Send email with interest/experience/conditioning to ronwebber33@gmail.com.

July 4th - 7th                    Thursday - Sunday                   Barnard East, Mt Barnard, Trojan Peak, Mt Versteeg 

For the extended weekend, the plan is to climb 4 of the highest peaks in California. We will meet Wednesday evening in Lone Pine and shuttle together via the rough 4WD road to the trailhead. At sunrise, we will leave camp in an effort to beat the heat. We will follow George Creek which has no maintained trail and involves a lot of bushwhacking and several difficult creek crossings. We will hike all day and camp where we can. On the second day, we will ascend the neglected Barnard East which stands at 13,746 ft. Afterwards we will traverse to Barnard Peak, a possible 14er. Then we will descend to camp. On day 3 we will climb Trojan Peak and hopefully have enough energy to traverse to Mt Versteeg via a class 2-3 ridge. Day 4 we will hike out. Unfortunately, I only have 3 spots, and since the trip is very strenuous, members will be chosen based on fitness level.  Email Sean at casserly79@gmail.com with your experience and conditioning.


July 19th - 21st                               Friday - Sunday                        McGee Creek Canyon

Have you ever explored the McGee Creek Canyon? If not, this may be your opportunity. Looking for folks seeking some High Sierra scrambling, while hopefully avoiding summer thunderstorms. Day 1 will start early and approach Little McGee Lake for camp. If we arrive early enough and there’s no inclement weather an afternoon scramble of Red and White Mountain (Northeast Ridge) will be considered. Day 2 will be an ascent of Red Slate Mountain by the Southeast Slope. Day 3 may include an early morning ascent of Red and White Mountain (if it wasn’t completed on Day 1) and the hike out and drive home. This trip will include Class 2-3 scrambling. Send an email to Chris (jakecattleco@yahoo.com) with your experience and conditioning.

July 20th - 28th          Saturday - Sunday (9 days)          Mineral King, Kaweah’s, and more

I’m looking for others to join me for any or all of the week’s adventures.  The objectives will include Mount Kaweah, Black Kaweah, Red Kaweah and others.  The basic plan will be to go from Mineral King, to Nine Lakes Basin via Glacier Pass.  Climb Mt Kaweah on day 2.  Black & Red Kaweah on day 3; other objectives may include Lion Rock, Triple Divide, Mt Stewart, Eagle Scout, Eisen.
Participants must be in good physical condition and comfortable with 3rd class climbing and traveling off-trail with a backpack.  We’ll see some semi remote areas and cover a lot of ground.  Send email with interest/ideas/experience/conditioning to ronwebber33@gmail.com.

August 15th - 18th                   Thursday - Sunday               Arrow Peak and Mount Ruskin

Do you enjoy scrambling and solitude?  If so join me for a summer attempt on two California SPS Mountaineers Peaks. I’ve been trying for two years to get this trip completed. 2017 saw an early season Fall storm put the damper on things. 2018 found me nearly cutting off the tip of my index finger, which forced me to cancel many things backcountry in origin. Here’s hoping the third time is indeed the charm.

On Thursday we'll hike up and over Taboose Pass to Bench Lake, approximately 11.5 miles with 6000 feet of gain (early ~06:00 start to avoid the Owens Valley heat). Friday we'll ascend Arrow Peak, likely by the Northeast Spur. Saturday we'll ascend Mount Ruskin by the Southwest slope, South Ridge, or East Ridge. Sunday will be the hike out and drive home. This trip will include Class 2-3+ scrambling. Send an email with experience/conditioning to Chris ( jakecattleco@yahoo.com). 

September 21st                        Sunday                               Mount San Jacinto (10,834')

Start at Marion Mountain trailhead parking area above the town of Alandale (directions will be provided if needed). Hike the well-used, but steep Marion trail through the forest of Jeffrey pine, California oak and manzanita.  The trail passes by small waterfalls and the junction with Deer Springs trail before it arrives to Little Round Valley in about 4.1 miles from the trailhead. From here the trail follows long switchbacks to the junction with the PCT, past the stone shelter and on to the summit of Mt San Jacinto. The views from the summit include San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains as well as the surrounding desert. Descend the same way.

The hike is about 5.5 miles long (one way) with 4600' of elevation gain. Bring hiking boots/trail runners along with sunscreen and water/energy snacks. Hiking poles may help.

Send an email with experience/conditioning to vladbazarsky@gmail.com.