†††††† California Mountaineering Club


  • Members will take personal responsibility for safe practices and conduct themselves during Club outings in a manner that will not impair the safety of the party.
  • CMC members and guests may participate in Club outings. Guests must be 18 years of age or older and meet the following conditions:
    • Be approved by the leader/organizer.
    • Have signed a waiver.
    • Be sponsored by a Regular member present on the outing.
    • Can participate on only two club outings.
    • Guests will not exceed the number of regular members on the trip
  • Club trips will be posted on the CMC website, in the newsletter, or both. Send your trip write-up(s) to the outings coordinator. There should be at least three openings on the trip at the time it is posted on the website or when the member receives the newsletter.
  • Each trip will have a designated trip leader/organizer. The trip leader/organizer will have complete authority over the conduct of the outing, including who may participate in the outing. However, trip leader/organizers are not authorized to waive the requirements of paragraph three above.
  • The trip leader/organizer will verify the membership status of each participant using the current Club membership list. In the case of otherwise qualified non-member guests, the leader/organizer will ensure that the guest signs the waiver before joining the trip.
  • All participants will sign the Club trip sign-up sheet at the beginning of the trip.
  • The trip leader/organizer will send in the Club sign-up sheet and guest waivers to the Outings Coordinator within 30 days of the conclusion of the trip.
  • The trip leader/organizer will make a reasonable effort to know the whereabouts of each participant during the trip. At the end of the trip, the trip leader/organizer will not leave the road head until all cars have started.
  • Participants wishing to deviate from the leader/organizerís itinerary do so on their own and must sign out on the trip sign-up sheet.
  • All members are expected to provide their own adequate medical insurance and major personal liability insurance coverage.
  • Members who deviate from these policies may be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the Club, including expulsion.


†††††† Revised: August 30, 2008

†††††† Revised: December 11, 2008